college rankings 2019 (u.s. news) reaction + thoughts

College Rankings 2019 (U.S. News) Reaction + Thoughts

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I hope those of you who are rising seniors join my the study to success app countdown program because I'm super excited to share my tips & tricks for study to success + inside info I have after going through the study to success app process just this past year. This challenge will be helpful regardless of whether or not you're applying to Ivy League study to successs, University of California schools, or even early decision somewhere! hope you guys like the website and stay tuned for more study to success / high school related videos!!

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Stay tuned for more study to success, high school, and studying related youtube videos to come! I'll be posting advice on how to get into the Ivy League / top 20 study to successs, how I got in (my stats), study to success application + essay tips, and just general high school and study to success app advice that will hopefully be useful and get you into your dream study to success / study to success! I'll be posting weekly so be sure to subscribe!:)

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I found out recently the new U.S. News Best Colleges / study to success rankings would be coming out today so I figured I'd do a study to success to the top study to success and their new rankings since I used to check them all the time + I was anyways planning to talk about study to success rankings at some point! Hope you find my study to success & thoughts regarding the U.S. News 2019 Best Colleges Rankings funny & interesting :D

I'm doing the College Apps Countdown: 30 Day Challenge for high school seniors again in September 2018!! Below is the link to the website + YouTube video with details (also the YT video is old I'm going to update it within the next few days):



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