the all new google news: everything you need to know digit.in

The all new Google news: Everything you need to know Digit.in

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The new Google News will make use of AI and ML in real time to analyse, sort, and organise the news being published on the web into storylines. Instead of simply seeing a main heading story followed by similar articles grouped together, users will be greeted with five top stories, which have been tailored for them using a “For You” feature and is called “briefings”. These five top stories will be a mix of headlines, local news and the topics in which the user is interested in. Google says that the app will adapt to the user’s interests and improve over time. Google, in its blog post, says, “To help you quickly get you up to speed, we’re experimenting with a unique visual format called newscasts.

Here, the latest developments in natural language understanding bring together a collection of articles, videos and quotes on a single topic. Newscasts make it easy to dive right into perspectives to learn more about a story—plus, it’s easy to read on your phone.”

In addition, if the user wants to explore and read more about a topic, they can tap on ‘View Full Coverage’ option to view the complete coverage on the story, which has been reported by various sources with a range of perspectives and include articles, videos and a timeline of the articles which have been published on the topic till now. Also, the content in Full Coverage will be the same for every user and will be an “unpersonalized view of events from a range of trusted news sources.”

There will also be a Headlines tab for viewing unfiltered news from around the world, which is supplemented with distinct sections for sport, technology, business, entertainment and others.
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